breath, control, peace

pearl- A breathing aide helping people control and learn different breathing exercises

Aimed at those who suffer from mental health issues or chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases

Design Right for pearl: 6091663. Design Right for ripple (Wireless charging station): 6091666


Low fidelity models using plasticine to create quick ergonomic tests with a large group of diverse subjects. 3D Printing used to create higher quality models to test the manufacturing and assembly process


A variety of mechanisms tested and evaluated to find the most efficient and simplest solution. Arduino used to test and program different motors and pumps to gain an understanding of the different modes required in the final product. Torque tested with different motors to ensure the product would function as required

Manufacture & Assembly

To ensure ease of assembly, parts were printed and assembled to find areas of faults. Snap fits as well as standard parts tested to find areas to reduce costs to meet the target market. Locators built into the final product to reduce number of parts and improve assembly. Product split into 5 distinctive parts with the middle section holding the majority of parts

Manufacture & Assembly

The use of different textures from the speckled, rough outer ends (D3) of the product to the organic cotton (high blend of Lycra to ease assembly), stimulate different nerves with the aim of distracting the mind and improving grip. Lighting used as another method of timing different breathing techniques and communicating modes without being loud and intrusive. With the aim of the product being as discrete as possible due to the stigma around mental health, size kept as small as possible while maintaining the ergonomics. Weight added artificially as testing showed that this gave a sense of calm through the product.


The charging base of the product has a rippled effect giving the main part of the body a droplet look thus closely relating the product to water – another proven calming item. Colour theory utilised to convey a message of peace and tranquillity.